Growing Exponentially…

Texas based A.G.E. Construction, LLC was founded in 2010 by Elias Garza who has over 25 years of commercial concrete experience; providing on time, safe and efficient service.

The employees at A.G.E. are skilled from years of on the job experience and our supervisors are encouraged to share their knowledge with their crew members. We understand that what we do, is more than just pouring concrete. Our commitment is to providing the highest craftsmanship and providing a service that encourages clients to utilize our services again and again.

Meet A.G.E.’s Team

Elias Garza

Director/Sr. Estimator

Andres Vasquez

 Sr. Project Manager/Estimator

Jose G. Andaya

Construction Field Manager

Adi Lira

 Office Manager

Isaac Alviter

 Project Manager

Adrian Torres 

 Project Manager

Irene Ochoa 

 Assistant Project Manager

Aaron Elias

 Assistant Project Manager

Angel Garcia

 Assistant Estimator


 Concrete Dispatcher

Fernando Muniz

 Field Engineer / Surveyor

Domingo Garibay

 Equipment / Fleet Dispatch Specialist

Larisa Rodriguez 

 HR Manager

Natalie Avina

AP / AR Specialist

Mayra Perales

 Payroll Specialist

Joanne Solis

Purchase Coordinator

Paloma Velasquez-Ortiz

Project & Bidding Coordinator

Claudia Rivera